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It’s hard to beat an engaging culture for connecting with customers.

An engaging and productive culture is also a magnet for the most talented.

We wish your business rivals good luck competing with it.

We are H Agents.   We believe that every human being has the right and innate capability to create the extraordinary through meaningful purpose and inspired action.  Our work empowers leadership through giving people the clarity of their purpose, the freedom to pursue it, and the confidence to drive it like they own it.

Why, what, how, when– and especially if - stuff gets done in your business is determined by the business culture. The best businesses nurture their culture to be fit for purpose, and regularly measure the behaviours it instills in those that work in it. 

The H Factor creates your engaging and productive business culture that becomes your competitive advantage.

We will work with you to maximise the value of your business with a proven model that inspires the behaviours, actions and interactions that drive business performance.




Fire In The Belly! The Spark Ignited By Performance Prism Leadership!

31/03/2016 4:04:58 PM

The fire in your belly drove you to be your own boss.  Now make it happen. more


The H Factor Magazine

Human behaviours and interactions that drive every business.


Will your business be more valuable by working with us?

The H is for human.  We’re all different, but as humans we are all looking for; purpose, a sense of feeling connected, autonomy in our work, and a feeling of contribution.  These are the drivers of inspired action and inspired results.

We connect these human factors with the three drivers of business value: an emotive brand, productivity, and repeatable profits.

The H Factor will add business value through finding clarity, creating an emotive brand and increasing productivity.


Why does your business even exist?  Do you have the clarity and capacity to achieve your BIG THING?

Clarity of purpose takes the leader from the stress of chaos to the confidence of control.

Without a common purpose everyone’s effort can only be random.

A clear purpose bonds people to a common agenda.  It removes the need for ‘management by personality’ and replaces it with the freedom to give leadership.

In businesses with The H Factor, people bring their unique personalities, skills and talents to achieving something bigger than themselves: your business purpose.

Can everyone in your business say how they contribute to your overall business purpose?



How is everyone’s effort directly contributing to the drivers of business value?

Our Business Performance Prism (BPP) is our trademarked model.  It is based on the human desires that motivate action and the three drivers of business value.

Using this model, H Agents show how to apply your clear purpose to the products and services that you provide, the people you attract to your business and the way you measure your success.

There are three elements that make any business valuable:

  • An emotive brand (B),
  • A reliable productivity model (P), and
  • Repeatable profits and cashflow (P).

You can implement the BPP in your business by partnering on an H mission with us.  Giving your business The H Factor involves having everyone’s behaviours and interactions driving your BPP.


What things can be made better tomorrow if you don’t know how they are today?

We commit to understanding your purpose and then engineering and implementing a measurable, engaging and productive culture fit for your business - to create inspired results.

Our expertise is in:

  • Assisting leaders to discover and communicate their business BIG THING – purpose, values and expectations,
  • Creating business strategy and objectives, and accountability for their achievement of the BIG THING,
  • Engineering and implementing a performance culture with practical tools that achieve business objectives,
  • Leadership and communication support,
  • Designing practical, effective, and enjoyable performance assessment,
  • Implementing business systems and processes for confidence of control through reliable information, and
  • Helping you keep the BIG THING the BIG THING.

The work of an H Agent is to provide alternative and practical support options for those driven to achieve their BIG THING.


Who is an H Agent and who is behind The H Factor?

An H Agent knows that the game is never won by focusing only on the scoreboard.

H Agent 001 is Robyn Moyle. She transitioned from her HR experience in commercial, strategic management to being an H Agent when she saw the benefits of combining business performance measures and the human motivations for inspired performance.

H Agent 002 is Andrew Seinor. He transitioned from his CPA experience in management accounting to being an H Agent when he saw the benefits of combining the drivers of human behaviour with inspiring business performance.

The H Team are bright, curious and committed people with a deep understanding of ‘how businesses tick’.


Who have we worked with and what did we achieve?

Brett and Rhonda McNabb, Owners,Merredin Supa IGA
“We partnered with The H Factor to grow our service culture through growing our people.  We are recognised as one of the best supermarkets in Australia and we are so proud of our staff and what they have achieved. The H Factor has become integral support for our management team.  They really are like secret agents working beside us and supporting our growth."

John Treasure, Managing Director, Teem Treasure 
“The H Factor has been an integral part of our organisation creating a positive working culture for everyone involved, with a particular emphasis on all employees at any level understanding their contribution is valued and adds to the success of the business.  This in turn has a positive flow-on effect to them.”

Marquis Pohla, Managing Director, Metrix Consulting
“The H Factor have helped us refine our financial systems and processes to deliver more timely and accurate management reports.  It has also taken responsibility for executing our payroll.  To sum up our partnership, The H Factor takes away the hassle of many financial components of running a business, allowing us to spend more time focussing on our clients.”

Bernard Chia, Managing Director, Alyka 
“Working with The H Factor provided our leaders the ability to identify and discuss some deep-root issues in our organisation.  They’ve given encouragement to our leaders to speak up whenever they get the smallest inkling something is not right and this has allowed the staff to think about their actions rather than us having to force them.”

Colin Bailey, Managing Director, Twinside Precast 
“Our accounts and payroll team are The H Factor.  Their support gives me the space to focus on building the business."

Glen Head, Director, PowerHouse 
“The way Robyn and Andrew support businesses is pretty special.  Their framework is simple and understandable, and its logic is compelling.  But the richness is how the extended H Factor team brings everything to life; the way they focus our efforts, help us build great systems, and never let us forget who it is we’re serving.  It’s clear they actually care about who we are and what we’re trying to achieve and we welcome their continued support on our journey."


When will you get to step back - and others step up?

What if the next step in your business was so clear to you that you could proceed without fear and have the confidence to let go of the need to ‘manage’ everything yourself?  What if your team are so clear of the business purpose ‘they drive it like they own it’.

It starts with you. The time is now.

Let’s get started.

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