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The Services We Provide

The Mission objective is to remove the barriers to business performance.  Every business is different, so we provide a holistic range of services, backed by our experience.  Each mission is based on the specific business objectives, and focused on enabling growth.

Services Summary

Clarify Business Purpose, Values, and Objectives

The business purpose is more than a vision or mission statement.  It is a communicable statement that allows staff to connect both emotionally and logically with why the business exists at all, and thus lays the foundation for high levels of employee commitment and discretionary effort.

Having clarity of the business values and objectives enables a consistent connection between customers and employees, in a natural and engaging way.

We create, with the business leaders, a Proceed With Purpose Plan.  It clarifies the business strategies and the key actions required to achieve them, and thus allows everyone in the business to willingly contribute.

Review Policies and Procedures

To talk with people about performance, it is first important to take compliance issues off the table.  We review policies and procedures to ensure that they:

  • Are compliant with Fair Work and OHS requirements, and
  • Consistent with the business purpose and values.

Measuring and Tracking Business Culture

Business culture is “the way things are done around here”.  It determines the behaviours, actions, and interactions in every business.

The H Factor business culture survey explores a series of cultural norm statements.  Our approach does not ask staff how they feel, or whether they’re happy.  Instead, it identifies the actual behaviours that are active in the organisation, and the gap between those behaviours and the desired business culture.

By tracking their culture with us, business leaders can ‘get to the bottom’ of the people issues that detract from productivity.

Leadership Development

Effective leadership is critical to the success of implementing the business strategy.  H Agents work within the business to develop the leadership capacity through training, mentoring and coaching.

We work beside people at all levels within the business so that the achievement of business objectives can be driven from within, rather than ‘forced from above’.

Strategy Implementation

Strategic advice is rarely in short supply.  Assistance with implementation is different.  At The H Factor, we don't just advise: We do!  We work beside the business leaders and the wider team to implement the strategic objectives through aligning the way people, systems, and processes work together.

On the people side, we:

  • Review everything that needs to be done, and then design the roles and teams do it,
  • Document the things that every role (and team) is accountable for achieving,
  • Create Position Agreements that link each person to the things they are accountable for achieving, and
  • Implement a performance assessment system that is both fair – and enjoyable.

On the systems and process side, we:

  • Assist with the implementation of system and process change, and
  • Review the systems and processes for efficiency and effectiveness, in the context of the business strategy,
  • Document business processes to ensure they are applied consistently,
  • Recommend changes where we see opportunity for improvement,
  • Provide support, by the H team, in the areas of accounting and payroll.

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