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This Goes Out To The Workers

Posted: 13/09/2013 2:47:44 PM by H Factor | 0 comments
The slow cancer of the spirit slowly dyeing because you’ve allowed yourself to be hijacked by your own fear of stepping outside the system and challenging the status quo.

Where happiness is the promise for tomorrow when you escape the human bondage of work to begin enjoying life with loved ones, but then find life’s devoid of communion and instead discover yourself only living the electronic version of a life through the TV designed to compensate for what you always imagined was going to be your joyous existence.

Where the need to pay the bills of the system are the only thing keeping you on the treadmill.  Where people with titles given to them through no great victory, nor deed but because they played the game a little better than you.  Where status dictates the legitimacy of an idea and where the brilliance of some ideas are buried by cynicism and a simple lack of belief about what’s possible.

You know there’s something wrong with this!  You were not meant to dread Mondays yet you do.  We divide our lives into play and work, or good and bad and for no good reason.

We’re human beings who were meant for growth, expansion and exploration.  To find joy from the connection to things bigger than ourselves and to marvel at our own contribution to that.  To feel human connection and trust from others who are also connected to a higher purpose.

A business community should not be a negative thing!  You’re right; you shouldn’t dread Mondays but instead look forward to the exhilaration of contributing to something worthy. 

Those businesses that succeed in providing four special things are the ones that truly inspire and therefore flourish and almost every business can achieve this.  Those four things are actually what we’re all seeking;
  1. a Reason/Cause,
  2. a sense of Community or connectedness,
  3. Autonomy/Freedom, and
  4. Growth.
Introducing this in your own business is easy but follows a process and starts with a different way of thinking.  The efforts are certainly worth it:
  • People instantly see that something is different and new and refreshing;
  • There will be a sense of understanding and clarity that didn’t previously exist.
  • The connection and engagement to the business will increase with this clarity and an immediate feeling of community (teamwork) will begin.
  • As a result brand awareness, productivity, and profits will all improve.
The steps are:

Fully understand your current position; where are you in the treadmill, what is it that is really running your business?  It’ll ultimately be your business culture, whether that be positive or negative, it’s what’s really in charge!  Measure it!

Understand and describe fully the business culture that you want and then compare the two.  Ask yourself how do I get from where we are to where we want to be?
Identify your true reason for being; what you stand for; why you do what you do.  Once you’ve explored this, it has to be in a communicable form that is going to be meaningful and really connect, head and heart, with you and your people.

Now communicate this to your people and explore where they fit in; show them how what they do contributes to this overall objective so that they can feel that the work they are doing is not only valued, but worthwhile and part of something bigger than themselves.

Define how you want to be in simple terms that can be explored, challenged, and end up becoming your not-negotiable rules of engagement.

Ensure that your business processes support the culture you aspire to, instead of driving another one.  Make sure your measures are not, in fact, encouraging negative behaviours and conflict.  And make sure that the right metrics are being provided to the right people at the right time, for the right reasons.

This journey is engaging, fulfilling, and also a lot of fun and often results in business owners rediscovering their passion for what they do.  You benefit, your family benefit, your people benefit, and ultimately your customers really benefit and your business will become their business of choice.
If you would like more information, or assistance with implementation, speak to an H Agent today.

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